Michael JacksonI woke up to the news of Michael Jackson’s passing and felt Joey’s line from Friends ringing in my head. It was definitely ‘an end of an era’. My earliest memories of music are peppered heavily with Michael Jackson as anyone in their late 20’s would agree. I remember my Sharika, Gitu and Sunanda sitting and watching his concerts at home and screaming along with the fans. So much screaming that my dad thought we were murdering each other upstairs.

As I grew older, I saw his influences at every point in my life; be it commercials, or movies, or in Hindi movies and songs, every single dance performance by kids in school, on the streets. Michael Jackson was already a public property and a part of people’s life; right from the people of privilege to the ones who lived on the side walk. It’s funny how you feel like you personally know the celebrities you love, where their happiness, sadness, difficulties start feeling like yours too. This was true for me of him. Whether you hated him or loved him, you couldn’t deny him.

I watched the awful Basheer documentary and watched him being renounced by many on the unfounded claims of child molestation. You watch his interviews, you don’t see an adult and you see a child who seems lost in an adult body and trying to hide paranoia and deep fear behind eccentricities. I have never believed the charges and will continue not to. I give him room for his fears and behaviors like I would to any person who was abused and lead a child hood no one deserved to live through. The way people are acting today with rumors and gossip and never giving the family a moment of peace shows the disregard you can give a person and the lack of dignity you allow him even at the time of his death.

So today, I toast the genius who changed the face of music, dance, performance and art forever. I loved you as an artist and that is how I will always remember you. This is the only truth I can count on. The rest that I have no clue or knowledge about, I will let go. I hope you find peace in death, that you were never allowed to enjoy in life. I also extend my respects to his family and hope they find strength in the legacy and memories he has left behind. Here’s to MJ- a paragon of talent like never before. RIP



NemoAs a member of the cat family, I feel the need to pen down a few words about the tragic trapped corner I find my cousins in. My name is Nemo and I live with my sister Memoll and my mother Mythily who for some reason looks nothing like my sister and me. Anyways, to come back to the topic – tigers in India.

I was listening to a box my mom refers to as the TV the other day. She likes to come home after work and lie down and stare at it for a while. This is generally my ‘fuss time’. I get my neck and back scratched and get all the kisses and hugs I cold ask for. Then I watched this piece on the tiger situation in India.

They were talking about how 25 tigers have disappeared from an Indian sanctuary. My mom was fuming talking about how this was the second reserve they are disappearing from and how she could not understand how their disappearance wasn’t noticed before. I agree. You can’t imagine the hysteria and a near heart attack and tears I created when I went missing for a few hours (just exploring the next building). And one of the greatest species on earth is fast becoming extinct, and no one cares? How is that possible? Are we not important and isn’t it everyone’s duty to look after each other however different we may look or speak or eat?

I had seen this other piece on TV about how a cat killer in the US was arrested on suspicion and if convicted could serve the rest of his life in jail on many counts of offence (my mom’s sister who we also call mom is a lawyer so I understand these terms). It amuses me that 19 cat owners are moved enough my their cats deaths are have proved capable enough to start a motion and get the wrong doer arrested, but a country of 1 billion… 1 BILLION I repeat, can’t save its tigers. Ironical?

I agree the process is a long one. With poaching and development, it seems to be a losing battle. But I hope we at least put up a fight. Try and save these great beasts so that the future generation knows that no cause is lost as long as there are people who care. More action and less talk people. Buck up- Meow


My mom and I

My mom and I

No I am not talking about the old pepsi commercial that goes hot hot hot. I am simply talking about the weather. This is my first blog, so let me introduce myself. My name is Memoll (it means small and sweet in Persian I am told). I am a cat and I live with my brother Nemo (he thinks he is a big bully, but I think he is rather silly) and my mom Mythily. I used to live with a girl called Maryam, who was from Iran (that explains my name), but when she left, my mom came and took me and she tells me everyday that it was the best thing that has ever happened to her.

We stay in Bangalore and we live in an apartment. I remember Bangalore last year this time. It was cool and I used to sleep cuddled near my mom. But this year has been so strange weather wise, It rains for a day and all is ok. I love standing on the balcony and watching it rain and the cool wind blows on my face and I feel Purrfect. But these days I stand out watching out for the rains and nothing happens. Its so hot at nights that I sleep away from mom, stretched out on the cold floor and I can see she is unhappy about me sleeping on the floor.

Ma leaves a light on for us when she goes to work since she gets back when its dark most days. But these days, there are always power cuts and we are in the dark most of the time. I hate the dark when she isn’t around and I stay hidden under the ebd till she comes back home. My brother is very mean and he goes and hides on top of the cupboard where I don’t like going to. I hate these days when the house is all silent and dark till she comes home. It’s ok once she’s back.

I heard her talking yesterday about power cuts in a place called Delhi. She was talking about how nature is bound to react to all the abuse people lend to her and a day will come when she won’t let us enjoy her resources anymore. Why can’t people be more careful with power? Is it really necessary to have all the ac’s in a house on and always use power even when not necessary? It’s better to start now and try and save what’s left of this planet. Or we are bound to live in HOT HOT HOT places with no power forever.