SKYPE-ing my way through days

This new era of communication is sort of unreal when you take a step back and analyze it. I talk to my sister on skype every day. Even with the time difference, we talk every other day. Sometimes we just leave the video on and I feel like she is in the room with me. The other day, I was watching South Park when she called, and I set up my laptop so that she could view my TV and we watched South Park together. Now when I think about it, isn’t it completely amazing? She in London and I am in India. And we are watching TV together.

Everyone in my family is skyping these days. My technologically challenged grand mom has become quite the whizz at it too. When there is a reason (like the exorbitant prices of ISD calls), there seems to be a way out in terms of mastering technology. We talk in groups, individually when we don’t want other people around, taking it for granted and never pondering over how amazing all of this is.

Who creates all this? How does the human mind work in ways to come up with things that is completely out of the world, what no one else has ever thought about? Are these geniuses built the same way the rest of us are or do they get some special DNA??? I always wonder how their minds work and what drives them to think of such things. Or do they have just what everyone else has, but finds a drive from inside of them to do more than ordinary?

But whatever it is, I am thankful for all those moving to a different beat. For giving us all these wonderful things which we take for granted and never think about. For making life so much easier (and bizarre in a lot of ways). Thank you and keep surprising us…Cheers!!!


Thought for the day…

I got up last morning and thought about being 27. The usual barrage of questions took form of an attack. Am I doing well for a 27? When will I get to a point where I think I am successful? When will I feel settled? The usual questions I guess everyone asks themselves. I wonder if there is ever a point when one feels that everything one wanted has been achieved. And if you do feel that way, then what’s next? What reason do you have to get up? I had an idea of myself at 27 when I was a teenager. I am nowhere close to that. But then how many people get to that? So I went back to bed and closed my eyes hoping to shut out the world.

My little Memoll came and pawed my blanket and I let her creep in with me. She gave me a few licks and purred and then I saw all the reasons of why I should wake up, right ahead of me. For the people I love. Lot of my friends and I have had this discussion of being disappointed at where we stand in life and that we haven’t gotten to the place we would like to be. So my answer to that is, re-adjust your expectations. You can always keep wanting more than what you have; more money, more success, more stuff, more joy. But then you lose out on everything you have right now. So I would like to be happy from now on. Not harp on what I don’t have. I’ll keep working towards it; if it happens that’s’ great, if it doesn’t; maybe other things are in store instead. Coz whatever you do, you can’t force situations to happen. You can just give it your best shot.

And then I got out of bed and had one of the most wonderful birthdays ever. A great half day at work, loafing on the streets with friends who had come from all over to be with me, an amazing birthday party at my office made extra special by my wonderful bosses, friends who came and made me realize how lucky I was to have them around, lots and lots of presents J and good food, music and company…Imagine If I had just stayed under my blanket complaining instead!!!

26 for few more hours!!

I sit and think about what I should do tomorrow for my birthday. I remember the excitement that used to build in me when I was younger on the eve of my birthday. The happiness of having a birthday party, for being the birthday girl, for having my mom bake me the most amazing cakes in the world, all the kisses and coddling I get. I wonder when that feeling went away. What is it about birthdays that make you want to be happy and have as much as fun as possible? Its like all the good things in the world should be crammed into that one day. So what about all the rest of the days? Why are they not each as special as the birthday? Are you allowed just this one day a year to feel good, to be happy, to be special???

My friends are coming from Chennai and Pune to be with me, I was given a gorgeous, to die for dress as a pre-birthday gift from another dear one, I know tomorrow I’ll feel special and loved when everyone I care about will call me and try to be there to spend the day with me. The evening out is definitely going to be fun. And as I put on the dress, and get ready to go out, a little bit of that lost excitement I felt as a child will creep in. Everyone will wish me good health and cheer and happiness. And I’ll love every bit of it. But what I will wish for the most is that I’ll feel special every day for the rest of the year, that I’ll be happy and in good humour for the rest of the year, that I’ll be blessed with good health for the rest of the year, that good things will happen for the rest of the year; and most of all that I can make everyone I love feel special and happy and proud for the rest of the year. And next year on my birthday, I’ll wish for all this all over again.

Musings of a snoozeball…

I love my days. I sleep almost 18 hours a day. I eat whenever i want and there is always fresh water to drink (though i prefer to drink off the tap), I have all these little toys to play with and my mom cuddles and warms me at night when I sleep bundled next to her. I have my potty all cleaned up after me and I am washed and kept clean and smelling fresh all the time, I can pretty much sharpen my claws where I want and I have a sister to play with. Life is perfect. I feel sorry for these poor human beings with their house chores and office work and millions of worries and traffic and all the rest of the problems my mom complains about. What a stressful life it must be to be human. Tch tch.

Mom keeps apologising for not letting me and Memoll go out. But i grew up at home. I do try and get out once in a while, but when I’m out I hate it and am scared and just want to come in. So why is she sad? I’ve heard the cats outside crying about being hungry and cold and being chased by dogs and people throwing stones. I dn’t have to worry about all that!!So I’m thrilled to bits. I love watching TV with mom too and sitting next to her as she pounds away on her red laptop. I love chasing her socks and the rustling of the plastic bag that she makes into a ball for me. I love my balcony where I sit and bask in the sun. What do humans wish for on a holiday? Nothing to do, just to relax and have fun, no cleaning and no work, a clean sparkling place, good food, lotsa sleep…Well imagine my life…I am on a permanent holiday.

The few things I do complain about is that she scrubs me with water and soap every week!!I hate that. But she is so guilty after that, that I’m pretty much the king for the rest of the day. I also don’t like the de worming medicines she stuffs down my throat every 2 months. And the shots every year!!!CAT! (our equivalent to saying MAN!) are they painful. But i put up a good fight and scream and growl and scratch and bite.. You should see the poor doc running for his life after…

Ive heard stories about other people just leaving their cats in awful shelters if we become too difficult to look after. Not our mom. She loves us and never stays away for long even if she has to go out of town for long. She gets her friend Jyothish to look after us and we like him, so we are cool. Even after work everyday, she is home and rarely leaves us. She only goes out weekends and is always apologetic about leaving us. But we are OK. We have lots of fun at home.

So guys, its definitely not a dog’s world let me tell you, its a cat’s world! And hope u all have a nice catty day.

PS: She has promised to get us a cat tree by new years. Ill let you all know all about it when we get it. My sis Memoll says meow to ya’ll

An anguished cry

Hear my lament, here me well,

For I have a story to tell.

The story of cruelty, evil and abuse,

A story, that’s not meant to amuse.

I am a working phone, a Nokia that too,

So I am on the phone list of who is who.

Not glamorous, or jazzy or trendy am I,

But for my mistress, surely I would die.

But she treats me badly, with disinterest she does,

But never do I whimper, never a fuss.

She throws me about, flinging me to the floor,

Coming home, she throws me through the door.

Food, water and dirt smother me,

My suffering, my plight never does she see.

She screams, giggles and cries into me,

Her secrets, her sorrows and her dreams I see.

But never a caress, never a look of love,

Never a prayer for me, to the one above.

Oh mistress I might not be the latest model,

I might not have a cool ringtone sounding like a yodel.

But I do love you and serve you well,

And I don’t spoil just because I fell.

I am the only one to put up with you and your cats,

Who are the only ones to show me affection with their pats.

I hope you soon realize my loyalty, my worth,

And fill my life with joy, security and mirth.

But till then I will continue to serve thee,

With love & care because you mean a lot to me.

The tale of a phone.

The tale of a phone.