Kids- God’s biggest gift and curse!

I adore my little kids; my cats around whom my life revolves. I couldn’t possible have loved them more if they were my human kids. They bring me such sheer joy, and love so strong that it actually makes my insides hurt. I think of them sometimes when I am at work and wonder what mischief they are upto and find myself smiling. I can physically remember what they smell like, how they fell cuddled in my arms even when I am not with them.

I get home and these 2 bundles of joy are waiting by the door. Memoll comes purring and tumbles by my legs when I walk in. Nemo generally waits to see if I look for him, so I have to call out and then he comes to me with this little bursting meow. I love coming back after a hard day’s work and waiting to see them. These 2 are definitely my gifts from god.

Then comes the devil’s share of the gift. My socks are strewn all around the house since they see it plainly as cloth mice which need to be destroyed and killed. The neatly bundles up pairs are all mixed and found under the tv, in the balcony, and sometimes stuffed down the drain. The mat is all rolled up as it was used as the tunnel of attack, the dustbin has been destroyed by the cat nuclear weapon (translating to claws in human talk), and tantrums occasionally turn into puddles of pee near the most difficult places to clean. Not a house you want to come back to after a hard day’s work!
Then the god’s side shines through again. Both are well behaved, fawning all over me, asking to drink of the tap (the sight can melt the hardest of hearts), going to the loo like good kids, wanting to be picked and cuddled. This is immediately followed by the devil’s vibes of them suddenly tearing madly all over the house, knocking down everything, insisting they climb into my lap top bag to investigate.

Even the love comes with the good and bad tribute. Like today for instance; the whole of last night I was up worrying myself to death because Nemo was throwing up all night. The morning saw the third world war break out at home with myself on one side, Nemo on the other and the evil bottle cap of medicine in between. Then I left for work feeling like the most wretched and negligent mother in the world. I can’t wait to get back and make sure he is ok and am also dreading going back.

Only kids can do this to you. Bring up conflicting emotions and turmoil about the same topic. Make you burst with love, worry with dread, swell with expectation and cry with frustration all at the same time. But I know one thing for sure; I wouldn’t exchange my place with anyone else in the world and am thankful every single day for being blessed with them.


The death lock of confusion!

If you are one of those people who have been living away from home on your own for a while, and if you can be categorized as being one of those who have a great relationship with your folks and like being home, you will completely understand what I’m talking about. Let me lay out your story; you wake up grumbling about work, you skip breakfast, finish up your morning chores at breakneck speed while still half asleep, rush to work and are fully functional only by the afternoon, wait for the evening when you are back home, come home and finish up chores and bathe, maybe head out to meet someone but otherwise stay home and watch tv and nibble on some junk food or other completely unhealthy but great on the palate food, watch something on your laptop or read a book till it is almost dawn and then fall asleep grumbling about the next day. Weekends are what you live for; you love the fact that you can wake up late, that you are in no hurry for anything or anyone, you catch a movie, you head out for an evening of fun; the whole weekend reeks of relaxation and happiness and the sheer joy that accompanies laziness! Sounds familiar? Welcome to the world of single women, living alone away from home. You like this life. It’s not your long term plan, but for now it’s great because you hope that the ‘settling’ will eventually come and till then this is just what you need; independence, freedom…all that you dreamed of (though truthfully, you did think it would have been more glamorous; damn sex and the city and their great clothes and shoes 😦   )

Then you head home for a break; a few days at the most. Life is blissful. No cooking, no cleaning, no washing, no buying groceries, no worrying about bills, no travelling in autos; in fact nothing is the key word. The days are an epitome of LAZY amazing days. You have been missed, so you are pampered, you catch up on family gossip, you eat all the great food that tastes that way ONLY if your mom cooks them, even your beds are made in the morning and glasses of juice and tea appear magically when you reach out for them!!!

Now comes the tug of war created in hell. When you are on your own, you miss being pampered, having things done for you. You wish you were with your parents, you are convinced that your life is boring, that you should have never left home…The conflicting thoughts are endless. Then you head home. For me, the biggest problem is how much I miss my cats, hate the fact that I have left them behind, the endless guilt, the worry that no one else can clean my house the way I do, the constant worry of what’s happening there, missing out on all the evenings out and the latest movies, wondering what’s happening at work…A common story eh? So this is the death lock of confusion that prevents bliss. But this is so essential in life because it makes you appreciate the other side even more. Know what you have going for you and makes you realize that you wouldn’t exchange places with anyone else in the world. (Though it would have been easier if everyone lived together and was happy, but that’s another stream of thought!!!) So here’s to home, parents, family, friends, pets, independence and dependence. Love the whole package.

Being Happy at Work

When you are young you find yourself waiting to be all grown up and on your own. I had my share of waiting for that too. To be a working adult, earning my own money and taking care of myself. And I am there now. And now I realize how important it is to have good bosses and like your work environment.

I have had my share of horror stories of hating the place I am working at and not liking the way it was run. The first place I worked at fooled me into thinking all work places are great. I was blessed with having the greatest of bosses who has overtime become one of my closest friend and confidant as well. I was in for quite a rude awakening after I left him and realized that all bosses aren’t like him and that work can be a real DRAG!

But at the moment I have no complaints. After a rollercoaster ride of not to be ever mentioned again places, I am happy right now. I had some good experiences and some bad ones in between. Learnt some, un-learnt some and forgot some. Learnt to get along, learnt when to ignore, when to compromise and when to put my foot down and say no (though Ravi will argue that I haven’t mastered the last one quite yet). Learnt to work fast, learnt to work well and learnt to complain my heart out.

But Blacksheep, was a blessing in disguise. I love my office and everyone working here. It is so important to like the place you spend more than half your days at. My bosses are people whom everyone would like to work for; sweet, fun, caring and genuinely nice people who give their employees all the freedom and flexibilities you can ask for. It’s no wonder my days don’t start with ‘Oh no’ these days… (Except when it is cold and I want to sleep more, but then I have a beanbag at work to sleep on). So here’s to great bosses who become great friends, fun time at work and lots of creativity.