Tis the season to be jolly…

The month of December brings with it its own set of excitement and cheer. You get caught up with the magic of the Christmas trees decked in their best, the stars that people put out in their houses, the smell of cookies and cakes, the frenzy of people shopping for their loved ones, the reds and greens and whites all around. But though this spirit does seep into you, a lot of people (like me) remain unaware of it happening.

I was caught up in my own web the past few months, demands of a job, a freelance project, bills that needed to be settled and the normal ‘Oh where am I heading to’ worries. Worries on trying to figure out if people are taking you for granted, trying to play you, trying to blast you into oblivion, forgetting you, missing people, worried of the future and all that jazz that is so easy to sink into and complain non-stop about (and I do that a lot). But a week before Chrsistmas, the fairy began weaving her quiet spell around me. Work started clearing, the Office was all lit and decked, we decided to do out bit of adding to the cheer and ordered cakes for all our clients and associates, we designed our own card to give out, a client event that turned out to be more fun than anticipated; the scrooge was being shown the light.

So on Christmas eve, I decided to take a break from work and make dinner for two. I left office early and went and treated myself to a day at the parlor and came out looking and feeling human again, I cleaned and scrubbed the house for two good hours, made a big Christmas dinner of roast chicken in red wine and mushroom sauce, penne pesto with gherkins, chicken in lemon sauce, fish in oyster sauce and salad. Then I bought 2 slices of divine chocolate, truffle cake and waited. By 6 am, I fell asleep curled up with Nemo and Memoll. Work had struck again and no dinner companion.

As I woke up feeling annoyed and irritated, I heard carols being sung outside and for the first time in so many months I looked around me with open eyes. I had a pretty house that I have done up myself, I had messages on my phone from friends wishing me Merry Christmas, I had the skill to put together an amazing Christmas dinner, I had 2 beautiful babies curled up beside me, I had great bosses who let me leave early to wax (come on, how many will say OK to that?), I was done with all my projects, had cleared all my bills. And I had done all this alone. I was rocking and had the foresight to see it and be happy with what I have instead of sinking into the woes and forgetting about how the odds favoured me! And a newyear to look forward to. New hopes, new dreams, new resolutions and a whole year to make new mistakes and learn from them. The best part of it all is that everything is in your control; how you want to be treated, how  much you will let others make you feel a certain way and how you perceive the world; isn’t life just perfectly great?

So to all your scrooges out there; buck up, Tis the season of Ho Ho Hos and a lot of cider. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.


To the superwoman who is now a rockstar. Congratulations ama!

To the Rockstar Super Woman:

Imagine having being married very young. And then having a kid to look after and soon 2 kids to look after. Helping take care of a house. Helping run a business. Helping look after 2 sets of parents. Looking after pets. looking after help. Getting up at all hours of nights for odd requests like banana chocolate shake and French fries (trust me the peeling, boiling, frying and cleaning at 3 am is no joke). Now add trying to save the world (and actually doing something about it), to the list. Running a home for orphaned children, running a center for battered women, hand holding an outreach program where medical facilities are provided for tribal people, family planning….with my mom, the list never ends.

I have never met a power house like her all my life. She is a great house wife, an AMAZING cook, the house is always spruced up and beautiful, she is the greatest MOM in the world, an equally good daughter, a hard working business woman and a really passionate social service person. Ok all this is still mortally possible (maybe). But to do all this and always be in a good temper, to not expect one single thing in return and to put up with insane demands on her time all the time! That is what I think is completely impossible and I can never understand how she does it. How she keeps a ready smile and a warm hug to her at all times. How she gets everything done by just smiling at the person.

So today, I take the opportunity to congratulate this superwoman on being a rock star and I think winning the award for the best NGO is nothing surprising considering it is her. Ama, I am so happy you have been given this honor and am proud proud of you. I wish I had been more supportive and done more to help you. But I want you to know, that in every child’s life, parent’s serve as sources of inspiration. The ones from whom you draw strength, love, focus and sight. And Sharika and I are very blessed that we have you both as parents. And if we become half the person you are, we will consider ourselves lucky. Love you with all my heart.

The Vacation Itch

The worst thing to ever do to yourself is torture your senses by allowing yourself a mini break. A weekend break which involves travelling is no break at all. It is just the precursor to self destruction and raging insanity.

I went away for a 3 day break; break would be using the term too loosely. Went for a wedding which turned out be good fun. Met people I haven’t seen in years and had some good food, wore all the fancy dresses that made me look like a cake, but which is essential to wear at weddings along with the ear ripping jewelry. But these are parts of the wedding package which accompanies great fun, lots of smiling and singing and dancing. I did get my share of the ‘when are you going to sign the deal’ talk, but not as much as I expected and a few people thought I was my younger sister and kept telling me to tell my ‘irresponsible’ elder sister to get married and I just nodded my head and frowned seriously and they were all satisfied.

But then I had to leave and come back to the humdrum of work and I find that I just CANNOT concentrate. I don’t want to sit at my desk and have to work. The little bit of free time and relaxtion I allowed myself has grown into a massive thinking being of its own and is slowly destroying my ‘lets get serious and to work’ senses. I am itching itching for a break. I want a nice long holiday which is long in spite of whatever travelling is involved. I want to just sleep under the sun, have a nice cold beer, soak into a hot bubble bath and read a book and watch TV and basically do nothing at all, but, in a nice beautiful place where I am pampered. End of the year and everything takes its toll. I am waiting for that well deserved vacation. I did my share of toiling and travelling and over working and falling sick and being responsible and house work and etc etc etc this year. Now I want a break. And I want it fast. So vacation time, watch out. End of December I am coming at you with a vengeance and you better pay up my share of fun and relaxation and Nemo and Memoll’s share of getting away.