A Phone Call Away…

I got a call last evening from a good friend of mine with news that felt like a blow. Manyata has been unwell the past couple of months and the results turned out to be leukemia with metasis. Things were not looking too good. But in spite of that she called me and she sounded so brave about the whole thing as she took me through the possible complications, gently probing me to quickly accept the situation and not develop a defense against it and refuse to accept it.

I wanted to scream, get mad, cry, hurl abuses at life and its unfairness, crawl up somewhere and shut out the world; but I did none of these. I figured if anyone needed comfort at this point, it had to be Manyata. After all she was the one going through it. So I spoke to her, didn’t do the annoying falsetto sounding ‘Oh you will be better in no time’. We spoke of all the possibilities, what she should do now, I let her voice her fears, something I think we stop people from talking about when things go wrong when that is probably the thing one wants to discuss the most for personal relief. And then we put the phone down and it all came crashing down on me. One of my closest of friends has cancer and there is a possibility that I might lose her.

When you are faced with tough hurdles to get over, what you look for the most is comfort. Someone to take you into their arms and hold you tight and rub your head and tell you that everything will be OK. And that even if things go wrong an assurance of being there by me, someone to distract me and talk about other stuff and generally share my silence with. That someone who is just a phone call away.

I did my pondering of who to call and things just didn’t go well for the rest of the day either. I really wanted someone around to talk normal things to, but found myself with 2 babies meowing at me, wishing I understood the cat language better. I then got to thinking of my ‘Phone call away’ group. We all have that. The people we know we can call at anytime, from anywhere and know that they will do all that is in their power to turn up. Family obviously. I knew Sharika and my folks will always be there. But there were certain friends too I could count on with my eyes closed. Gitu, Dhivya, Anagha, Vinaya, Shruthi, Malik, Sudeep and Gibson. No schedule, no work, no personal stuff would ever keep them away if they felt I really needed them around and this I can bank on for ever. You guys, thank you so much. I am so sad that you are all so far away because I could have definitely used having one of you around yesterday. It felt awful to go to sleep with all that I was feeling and not have one of you around. But thank you for being my ‘Phone call away’ people. It means a lot to me and I love and treasure each one of you. And call me all of you and make me feel better. And the rest of you, tell me what your ‘phone call away’ list is like. And Manya, I love you, and hope that I’m on your ‘Phone call away list’ when you need it.



  1. sweetie , m always a phone call away 🙂 loved the article . . i ll be keepin ur fren in my prayers

    • Gib, Thanks a lot. And thanks for being so great always…

  2. Honey this is so poignantly written. I don’t know what to say. Why didn’t you call me? I can imagine what you must be going through. I love you so much. Will call you tonight for sure. Take care of yourself. I’ll pray for your friend. Hugs.

    • Thanks Anagha. Love you lots…

  3. Nicely written. God bless your friend.

    • Thanks John…

  4. Myths,
    For what it’s worth, try and be as calm as you can. What Manyata needs at the moment is her friends not falling to pieces. Hang in there and she will too.

    Hugs and hugs

    • Thanks Shruths…

  5. Nice article👍

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