On this space solely to ensure I keep writing. And I intend to do that. Also this helps me voice Nemo and Memoll’s story (my cats). Since I’m the only one who talks the meow language, I intend to be their translator. So welcome to her, his and my world..



  1. Hi Mythily,

    I am Aravind, your school senior if you remember. Surprisingly i came to see you in a you tube video and reached your blog. How are you?

    • Hey,
      I am doing good. Been a while. Hope all’s well with you. Glad you came across my blog. keep reading.

      • I was reading your blogs from yesterday…Sounds interesting.. I see a lot of changes in you. I mean good changes :)). Have a nice life. God bless.

      • Thanks Aravind. You tc too 🙂

  2. hi,mythuli, I am coming across your details much interesting . I am a headmaster of govt high school karur.

    • It is Mythily. And thank you for taking interest in the blog. Keep reading and leaving behind comments. Take care.


    • Hey, thanks a lot. and hope you keep

  4. Well, did you watch “Sita Sings the Blues”? Mythsnair…myths, psychology and interior worlds of wonder make the heart rich and the soul eyes grow.

    • Yeah I did… Loved it..It was such an interesting take. And I think humour makes a subject set in harder without being pushy…

      • It was down to earth, kind of wonderfully normal and yet you could hear people stumble along trying to understand the myth. “Forbidden Kingdom” like what I compared between “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “Angel-A” allow us to see the Hanuman helper to Rama and the link to what in the west is a strange Darwinism. Meaning that the “Forbidden Kingdom” is a kind of Ramayana comparative study. Both treat something bizarre like a divine monkey god… as a link… but that link in these stories is richer and truer than Anthropological western Darwinism. IMHO

  5. Is that the small girl with glasses whose stride was always quick ,excellent wardrobe at tat tender age ,who had 2 awesome people as parents and who was percieved by her freinds as to be born with a silver spoon??? Anyways am shanmugum of AVK who was your SPL ,i know u r trying to rake ur brain nd i also know u r not able to recognise me…Saw ur blog gud and keep writing….

    • Ha ha ha. Thank you so much. Of course I remember you. We used to all look up to you no end. And i never knew I was perceived as being born with a silver spoon!!That’s news. And you are bang on about the parents. They are amazingly cool and supportive still…Keep reading and leaving comments.

  6. Hi ,

    Am ur junior from are you.ou are writing good.Keep it up

    • Hey, I am sorry but I can’t remember you. Which batch were u in? Anyways, it is nice to know you are reading my blog. Take care and keep commenting..

  7. Hello Mythily:

    I am highly impressed seeing your writing skills and amazing level of creativity in your expressions. I find a depth in your writing very much equal to that of Haruki, a Japanese novelist. Do you write on science related topics also?

    • Thank you so much for the compliment. I love Murakami. He is one of my favourite writers and Dance Dance Dance and Norwegian Wood are 2 books I find myself going back to all the time…Yes I do write on science related topics as well in my work. I am a freelance copywriter..Keep reading and leaving behind thoughts and comments. Take care then.

      • I am very happy to hear you have read Him, Murakami..I have almost all his collections. Recently when I was in Delhi I purchased Kafta on the Shore..Norwegian Wood was the first book that rose my interest in this author. Do you have interest in editing a journal?

      • I definitely would be interested Sanjeev. As i work as a freelancer I depend quite a lot on stumbling upon new opportunities of work. It would be great if you have contacts you could send my way. My mail id is Do drop a mail and we can take this forward.

  8. Hey Mythili,

    Awesome blog.. keep up the good work. Btw, i am also from Adarsh, Sharika’s batch..

    • Hey, Yeah I remember you. How you been? Thank you very much. Keep reading..

  9. Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your site is magnificent, let alone the content!

    • Thanks. I just chose an existing template. WordPress has some pretty good ones. Glad you are enjoying the blogs. Keep reading and leaving behind your thoughts. Tc

  10. How remarkable! the way you scrutinize the world issues are highly impressive Mythili. x

    • Thank you. I hope you keep checking back on the blog.

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