You know you are a Mom when…

At 7 months

At 7 months

1. Its been a year since you last blogged.

2. You feel like you have faced your biggest fear and overcome it when you managed to clip your baby’s nails without cutting him

3. You are obsessed with topics of baby poo; the colour, the texture, the smell and every other gross detail of it.

4. Your new look includes drool and spit on your hair and food caked in all weird parts of your body.

5. You find yourself obsessively checking for fever, rashes, spots on your baby every 2 minutes.

6. When you are convinced every sneeze is the onset of a flu.

7.  When you realise how your baby’s cry is so very different from other babies who still sound all the same.

8. When you are bone tired and wishing that your baby would just sleep, but as soon as he does, you miss his gummy smile and so you prod him awake.

9. When you realise that you have spent the last 2 hours staring at him sleep

10. When you find yourself humming the ridiculous Gigglebellies songs in the shower.

11. When bath time includes rubber ducks.

12. When you find yourself whispering at dinner though your baby is fast asleep upstairs.

13. When the best part of your day includes kissing chubby, petal soft cheeks and feet.

14. When you think farts and burps are the cutest sounds ever.

15. When you feel gummy smiles should be included in the wonders of the world.

16. When you don’t really mind clumps of your hair being pulled from their roots at play time.

17. When every outing includes, bottles, flask, treats, toys, sunscreen, diapers….basically a bag that would have all the essentials to survive a nuclear war.

18. When nights are all about baby smells, cuddles and hugs and less about sleep.

19. When you have accute tendonitis but still want to carry your baby with your painful arms.

20. When you eat awful ‘healthy’ food so that you can make better milk for your baby.

21. When you keep bringing down last week’s clothes which are already too small and find yourself sobbing over them.

22. When every new phase makes you deliriously happy and sad at the same time.

23. When you miss your baby even if you are with him the whole day.

24. When talking in funny voices is the new norm.

25. When you find yourself praying everyday only for him.

26. When you love the thought of having grandkids simply because they belong to your baby.

27. When staying at home all day is suddenly a good thing.

28. When you have a million pictures of him sleeping, playing, smiling; infact doing normal things which you think are special.

29. When you can do housework with just one hand you are carrying him with the other.

30. When the first blog you write after a year is all about him.








This is My Religion

Music is like religion. It is a personal choice, something that connects with your soul and makes you feel better inside. It puts things into perspective, washes a tide of emotions over you, seems to speak directly to you, putting into words what you have always thought were your ideas and take on things.

I grew up listening to my dad sing and play his guitar. The songs that reverberated around the house were The Beatles, Elvis, Neil Diamond and all the old awesome retro music that I am still in love with. Soon my personal favorites crept in and Aretha Franklin, GNR, Michael Jackson, BRYAN ADAMS, The Doors, Frey, Madonna and so many more artists that I love crooned me to sleep.

But like religion, music sees turbulence too. People fighting about it, arguing about what is good and what is not, criticizing others tastes; it makes no sense to me at all. How can one fight over personal choices and beliefs? What I like and choose to listen to is my own decision. How does it make sense for someone else to have an opinion about if it is the right decision or not? I love love Bryan Adams. I think he is wonderful. And suddenly these other people who listened to him like till yesterday decides today that he isn’t ‘cool’ just because the rest of the herd thinks so too. Completely immature and childish in my opinion. If your decisions and choices are going to be based on what the ‘herd’ thinks, then maybe the finger you are pointing out at others should be turned around.

So my say on all this is be yourselves. And that is the coolest way to be. Listen to what ever lifts you up and makes the trials of the day feel lighter on your shoulders.  To whatever brings a smile to your lips and makes you want to hum along and maybe even get up and dance. And that is just what I am doing right now. And watching the breathtaking eclipse. Music and eclipse, how many more wonders can my day bring? Thank you to that power up there who has blessed me with all this.

Musings of a snoozeball…

I love my days. I sleep almost 18 hours a day. I eat whenever i want and there is always fresh water to drink (though i prefer to drink off the tap), I have all these little toys to play with and my mom cuddles and warms me at night when I sleep bundled next to her. I have my potty all cleaned up after me and I am washed and kept clean and smelling fresh all the time, I can pretty much sharpen my claws where I want and I have a sister to play with. Life is perfect. I feel sorry for these poor human beings with their house chores and office work and millions of worries and traffic and all the rest of the problems my mom complains about. What a stressful life it must be to be human. Tch tch.

Mom keeps apologising for not letting me and Memoll go out. But i grew up at home. I do try and get out once in a while, but when I’m out I hate it and am scared and just want to come in. So why is she sad? I’ve heard the cats outside crying about being hungry and cold and being chased by dogs and people throwing stones. I dn’t have to worry about all that!!So I’m thrilled to bits. I love watching TV with mom too and sitting next to her as she pounds away on her red laptop. I love chasing her socks and the rustling of the plastic bag that she makes into a ball for me. I love my balcony where I sit and bask in the sun. What do humans wish for on a holiday? Nothing to do, just to relax and have fun, no cleaning and no work, a clean sparkling place, good food, lotsa sleep…Well imagine my life…I am on a permanent holiday.

The few things I do complain about is that she scrubs me with water and soap every week!!I hate that. But she is so guilty after that, that I’m pretty much the king for the rest of the day. I also don’t like the de worming medicines she stuffs down my throat every 2 months. And the shots every year!!!CAT! (our equivalent to saying MAN!) are they painful. But i put up a good fight and scream and growl and scratch and bite.. You should see the poor doc running for his life after…

Ive heard stories about other people just leaving their cats in awful shelters if we become too difficult to look after. Not our mom. She loves us and never stays away for long even if she has to go out of town for long. She gets her friend Jyothish to look after us and we like him, so we are cool. Even after work everyday, she is home and rarely leaves us. She only goes out weekends and is always apologetic about leaving us. But we are OK. We have lots of fun at home.

So guys, its definitely not a dog’s world let me tell you, its a cat’s world! And hope u all have a nice catty day.

PS: She has promised to get us a cat tree by new years. Ill let you all know all about it when we get it. My sis Memoll says meow to ya’ll