The Story of Genocide in India

Genocide Ignored

We all know the facts and figures; 6 million Jews killed at the Holocaust, 800,000 people during the Rwanda genocide, 8000 people at the Srebrenica massacre, the ‘ethnic cleansing’ campaign in Bosnia that killed more than 8,000 Bosnian Muslims…The list can go on and on for violence is a trait amongst human beings that rears its ugly head from time to time. Coined in 1944 by Raphael Lemkin, the definition of Genocide can be stated as “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group”. Everyone flinches, cringes, retorts with unbridled anger at the mention of any of these issues. So what happens to a genocide that has claimed the lives of 50 MILLION people? How has it been not addressed, dealt with and has silently been ignored and passed over for all these years? I am talking about the 50 million women who have disappeared from the population count of India since Independence.

India fought long and hard for her independence. Nowhere can it be claimed that women took a back seat. We fought alongside the men. Fought long and hard for independence, for liberty, for the right to live our lives with freedom, justice and peace. But the story unfolded very differently for us as the world silently watched on.

Since Independence, the census count has proved the ugly stories of female feticide, female infanticide, bride burning and many other horror stories. This year in 2011, India shows the disturbingly shameful figures of a sex ratio that is the lowest for women since Independence. Not a pretty picture that so-called ‘progress and development’ of India has been slapped with.

So let’s take a few moments to analyze this. Why have we not been able to help the conditions of women? We are so proud to claim that women are now found in all professions, have some of the highest marks in schools and universities, are versatile and can balance perfectly her position as a homemaker and a career person, are actively participating in politics; in short are found in all walks of life taking leading roles in our economy and society. So we are counted as a ‘progressing nation’. How can we then have not a few million, but 50 million missing people since 1947? Is it because of religious influences? The patriarchal society that is in dominance that deems family status according to the number of male children a family has? Ignorance and lack of education? Having beaten down the system of sati where widows were burnt on the pyre with their husbands, women still have to face abuse from their husbands and in-laws regarding dowry, marital rape and sometimes abuse simply because they are expected to endure it. Can you really blame these women for not wanting to bring in a girl child and subject them to this suffering? Female babies are poisoned, suffocated, made to swallow husk so that it cuts their throat and intestines, abandoned, drowned; the list of brutalities form a collection of the most terrifying forms of cruelties. Women are considered a burden and ill omen from the moment they are conceived. India seems to have no place for this special section of human beings.

The only state where we seem to be favored is in Kerala. The dominant matriarchal society has always protected, cherished and looked after its women. Education, health, position, power of women in Kerala has always been higher than men and the sex ratio proves how this works in the benefit of the society. Families function better and prosper well with a woman heading the household. We are not considered ‘Another household’s girl’ since our birth in this society.

Is asking for the basics of life; the right to have one meal given to us, the right to develop our minds through education, the right to have a voice, the right to be seen, so much so the right to live and breathe asking for too much? When will this genocide finally end? When will we have a savior? When will we have our tryst with destiny?


The Plague of Womankind

I try and not address the issue because I can’t claim any expert opinion on the subject. To be honest I am bewildered and often wonder how the same creator can come up with dimensions of opposition in his creations that can be so drastically different. But I am brave enough to try and address the topic today and ask my comrades in compassion to try and give me more insight into this complex confusing subject.

Men- They can’t be from mars. How can they be? It seems easier to understand a red planet that gives you no opportunity to live, that can kill you and damage you forever. That sucks life and existence out of you. So where are they really from? How do they function? What do they think? What’s going on in their heads when they seem on the surface to be just sipping a drink and munching on some food? What is this conniving quality they have within that makes intelligent and good looking women get snared?

I may be judgmental, so sue me! But I think women are far superior. They are better managers, better at understanding emotions and intricacies of someone, better at offering love and sympathy, they can work, manage a house, dress better, behave better. And they actually seem to have a filter between their brains and their mouths. Flabbergasting and incredibly stupid statements isn’t normally what comes out of a woman (again, don’t jump down my throat, it is simply my opinion).

Have a women strut up to a man, say a few soundingly intelligent sentences, but be dressed to kill and bat your eyelashes at him and you see an embarrassing sight you wish you need not have to witness. To hear them say ‘What an intelligent woman, completely amazing, and looks like a goddess’ leaves you wondering if you both actually met the same person. If they had spent a few minutes actually getting to know the person and then made a judgment, of course you understand. And you would be happy about the fact that men don’t make ‘the look and judge’ decisions. These can be men you look up to, who you think are intelligent and savvy enough to not fall for contrived acts of behavior, who you think is smart enough to see through things and not be an embarrassment to you with their acts; but lo and behold! So much for illusions.

So what exactly of all this aggravates you? You start wondering how it is that you can trust a guy not to be judging you on a superficial level. If they are stupid enough to fall for that play, they are obviously falling for the projections that every woman puts up now and then. So do they see you? Do they know you? Do they really care about you as you are? Do they see past defenses? Can they handle the hurdles? Will they stand by you? Are they trustworthy? Or will they go running after the next pretty ploy that is thrown out at them? Do you really want to be with someone who is so? Or do you keep looking for a ‘man’ you imagine to be wise and trustful? I see this happening around me all the time. Any wonder why I am not married???

To All you Women Out There

This is definitely a post for all you women out there. Let me start of by wishing you all a (belated) ‘Happy Women’s Day’. But I seriously don’t believe we have just one day to celebrate how great we are, that is to be done every single day. So yesterday, on women’s day, god (who is a woman) went on vacation and her weak and completely useless assistant (who is a man) took over. And being the inefficient fool that he is (but forgive him, he is only a mere guy), he goofed up on everything and landed me with what he thought would touch my womanly heart, my monthly period. Ok guys, the one thing I hate hearing from you all is when you tell us how we should consider ourselves lucky to be able to enjoy period and the birthing process. Seriously, every month of cramps, back ache, mood swings is no spiritual pleasure. It is just banal. And the next time you don’t know what to say just shut it and go but us some chocolates. But this post is definitely not about bashing out at men (excuse me for doing it, but my emotions, because of all the hormonal imbalance is haywire at the moment). It is about how I am sure many women feel during this time. The crazy mood swings that have you laughing like crazy at one moment, and sobbing at the other moment. And both the laughing and crying having no constructive reasons behind them. It is so ridiculous to have these emotions and feel like you have no control over them! And the irritation!!!My god, like something physical crawling all over you. And the pleasure you get when you lash out at someone which is immediately followed by remorse. It amazes me, that within a span of a few moments, it is possible to feel such a wide lot of emotions, but I guess that is the sign of evolution, to be able to experience all this. So today I am sitting, feeling better than yesterday, with the swings of emotions dwindling away and normalcy slowly setting back in, when men smell a little less like keys (Oh come on, every girl will have some vague, weird association during this time and this is mine). But I am glad that I am a girl and am able to experience all this and know that I was made completely special and given all this because I am strong enough to endure it and clever enough to see the plus points behind it. So god, glad you are back from your vacation! Now let’s roll….

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