Faith Makes all Things Possible

Having been ordered to go through 3 weeks of ayurvedic treatment for my ailments, I do have some time in hand to ponder over things; quite a luxury these days. My grandma who is also doing the course of treatment alongside me had a visitor today who was talking to me about various things and asked me if I had visited the temple within the hospital compound and I replied that I hadn’t. To this she asked me something which sort of jolted me out of my comfort zone. She asked if I had faith. It’s such a simple statement and made me think of a whole hoard of things. I can’t stress enough that I think religion is an institute made by people to control society. Rituals etc should only be followed as a means of comfort, never as a rule if you feel forced to do so. But what exactly is faith? It seems to form the foundation of all relationships; political, social, between friends, between lovers, between families; and also between you and god. Now comes the universal question; ‘what is god?’ Maybe, god is faith. The energy, the power and the simple act of letting go of all reservations, doubts, pessimism and giving yourself up to a simple belief of someone or something else. Can you think of a greater act of love and respect? I did have simple faith once. I believed that people were inherently good, the world a really safe place, friends to be absolutely trusted; everything seemed to carry a rosy hue. Believing in god was that much easier too. I felt it was easy to surrender to this higher power and feel safe and secure in its embrace. With a few bitter encounters, some let downs, slowly the tide changed without me realizing it. Rituals stopped, belief stopped and slowly faith faded away. From ‘god’ it transformed to everything else. I had less faith in goodness, in people, in the world. It was suddenly not easy to be simple anymore. Trust wasn’t something I could give away freely. Is that a good thing? Not really because this is where pessimism creeps in. So you might be intellectual and frown upon the idea of god and simple faith and rituals. I do at times. But it takes a big heart to trust and put your faith in things and people. And it could start from something as simple as ‘just believing’. Call it god or soul. Start somewhere.