A Nightmare on Coles rd

To start with, to all my faithful readers out there, I am sorry I haven’t blogged in so long. A month of traveling, a lot of things happening in the personal front (good things), a lot of ups, a few downs and a shit load of work (pardon the language, but sometimes there is nothing more apt than a swear word!) has kept me busy with little time to do what I love doing; blogging my thoughts down. So after being reminded this morning by my darling Teena that I should get down to it, I decided to.

This blog is written after a phase of being upset, frightened and then plain mad at the subject I am going to write about; the abuse of power by civil servants. The dictionary defines a cop as one who ‘maintains order, prevents and detects crime, and enforces the laws.’ never as perpetrators of law who abuse their power and status by preying upon innocent people creating fear amongst the citizens for a moment of a false boost of power. Are these the people we are expected to turn to for help? I think not.

I was walking towards my supermarket to do my monthly groceries in Frazer Town, Bangalore. A cop on the bike stopped me and asked me if I was on my own and lived alone. Taken aback by the unexpected question, and falling under a false sense of security of seeing someone in an uniform automatically made me answer ‘yes’ to a question I should have avoided at all cost. He then went on to spin a rigmarole of how there was some security breach in the area and that the cops were asked to collect addresses of people living on their own to be able to ‘keep an eye’ on them. Well, I may be careless at times, but I have never been accused of being completely stupid. So of course I didn’t give it to him and said I wouldn’t till I see official documents and reports of this so called ‘crisis’ and I walked away. The creep chose to follow me, harassing me to give him my address and in the process to ‘accidently’ brush up against me and pull at my hands saying he would ‘drop me safely home’. Now to be more explicit so that others may be more on guard when faced with such situations, he poked at me with his stick and kept laughing.

I have had the fortune of having a dad who has always foreseen such situation and made sure that Sharika and I have had all the training we need to stand up to harassment; a second degree black belt in karate, a basic understanding of the law and  rights we have. But I must say that I didn’t quite know how to deal with this one. Had it been anyone else I would have done a multitude of things; shoved him over, punched his face, tricks I have resorted to a few times which have always served me well. But the thoughts running in my head with this creep were ‘will he charge me with assault’, ‘what if he takes me to the station under some charge and I don’t have too much control of the situation’. He was a cop, he could make up anything. So I froze. I didn’t notice his name tag, took no note of his bike number, didn’t take a picture of him on my phone; instead I froze and worse, I teared up.

With the road streaming with people, no one stepped my way. Either people didn’t notice and were trying to avoid a cop or they just didn’t care because of being bogged down by their own lives. My knight in shining armor proved to be a road side vendor who came to see what was happening. The cop mumbled something and took off and the vendor put me in an auto and sent me home. I came back home worried sick that he would have followed me and will know where I lived. I couldn’t work the whole day and couldn’t sleep the whole night. What annoys me most is the irrational fear that sets over you; all because of a creep. But after talking to Bart for a long time and being told to shake it off and not succumb to it, I did. But I am still seething mad and want all you girls out there to know that you need to be on your guard at all times. Don’t let anyone bully you, even if they come sheathed in the protection of a uniform. Stand up to yourself and be careful at all times.